Sample Questions for IELTS Writing Part 2

The essays can be asked related to a range of topics. But mostly, the essays are related to current affairs, day-to-day things, or current problems of the world in IELTS writing task 2.

Here are some of the essays you can try writing in 40 minutes of 250 words.

You can write between 250-300 words. But it is not suggested to write more than 300 words.

I would suggest keeping the first five minutes to have an outline of the points on the rough sheet that you are going to write.

Rest 25 minutes you can use to write and the remaining ten minutes you can use to review your writing and correct it.

Topic 1: A lot of people are moving away from their cities to completely different geographical regions. They learn new languages, cultures, and traditions and slowly forgetting theirs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these two statements?

Write your opinion in 250 words.

Topic 2: Environmentalists all across the world during conferences say that air travel produces more harm to our environment and call for action to minimize using it. Still, they take flights to reach even domestic destinations. What is your opinion regarding their behavior?

Write in 250 words.

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