Earn in Dollars Part-Time or Full Time, If You Have These Writing Skills

It was January when I went to Vietnam using my savings.

I already had my return tickets with me and paid one month rent at Ho Chi Minh City.

I also had enough money to have food the whole month.

And thought of doing volunteer teaching to continue my journey until March.

Suddenly the cases of COVID 19 started increasing and the government had closed all the learning centres until further orders.

I managed January well because I was getting writing assignments from Viki Sir.

But suddenly he stopped giving me assignments.

I asked for a couple of times more and got no success in getting any writing assignment.

Then I started searching on Facebook jobs and found a job posting by UVOCORP.

I started working under their Mentorship Program and wrote a few articles.

I was paid into my Paypal account, from there the amount automatically got transferred into my Indian Bank Account.

This was the first online program which I found legit.

I joined a few programs in past, where I worked on several articles but never get paid.

UVOCORP don’t keep even a penny from your earnings.

If you know other websites and you are getting paid, then this will only help you earn a few more dollars.

For that you need to have these skills:

  • Great Language Proficiency
  • Good Formatting Skills
  • Good Knowledge of Phrases
  • Clarity in Sentences
  • Good Knowledge of Paragraphing
  • Knowledge of Referencing Styles such as APA, Harvard, MLA6/7 and others

Along with all these skills, you should also keep in mind:

  • To follow instructions of every order carefully
  • To write with good paper structure

If you are good in all these, you will surely be able to earn 900-1000 USD per month during the Mentorship Program and 1200-1500 USD after graduating from the internship Program.

First, you will be asked to photo verify your account with your selfie with Identity Card in your hand when you register on the website.

After verification, You will see orders in the orders section.

You will have to bid for the orders during the Mentorship Program. Once you graduate from the Mentorship program you can grab orders directly.

Once your order is approved, you can start working on it.

Please make sure that you follow the deadline. If you can’t complete the work within the deadline and you want to extend the deadline, there will be a reduction of a few % in your earnings.

After your submitted order is approved your account will be credited with the amount you had bid for.

In case your mentor had worked on your assignments, he/she can take their charge.

I was lucky to have a very supportive mentor, Kayla.

Then, you can set your payment options. Payment is processed twice a month.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have the above-mentioned skills, and you have a learning spirit, try UVOCORP.

I will come up with another interesting blog post next week.

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