Why Creating a Detailed Lesson Plan is Necessary

I have seen a lot of teachers ignoring the lesson plan or doing it just for formality because the school/learning centre asks them to do it.

But when you seriously go to class to teach your kids and want to teach everything you prepared for them, then you must make a detailed lesson plan.

Why I keep focusing on “detailed” because merely outlining what topic you are going to teach will not help you in your class. A sample is shown below:

Weekly Lesson Plan

What difficulty you may face when you don’t make a detailed lesson plan:

  • You may miss subtopics as you will teach in your own flow.
  • You may not have the record of what activity you prepared for that particular topic as you teach different classes.
  • You may end up finishing your class early.
  • You couldn’t finish the topic you decided in the expected time of 55 minutes [depends on class time].
  • You may not be able to finish the course before the term end exam and need to speed up the course while approaching the exam. This will have an adverse impact on students’ learning.
  • You may not be able to complete the activity you prepared for the students at the expected time.
  • You may not have time for daily assessment and evaluation.
  • You may not be able to convey directions to do the activity to the students [you may miss].
  • And, you may not have an actual update of the progress of courses in your classes.

This is why you should make detailed lesson plans.

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