Why daily Assessment is Necessary: A Post especially for Aspiring Teachers

I don’t know what other teachers are doing these days in the classroom. But in our times, there was only homework. Teachers used to only give homework and check it occasionally.

They only ask:

“How many of you have done your homework?”

And, then comes the punishment (mostly physical) of non-doers. They never actually checked the homework to understand whether we have learned or understood the topics taught the previous day.

Gone are the days when teachers can give physical punishment. In government schools and colleges, things are almost the same even now. Teachers and lecturers and not interested in knowing whether students have understood the last lesson or not. They just ask questions related to the last lesson randomly to students, just for the sake of formality.

I can understand in a class of 40-80 students, it’s difficult to do that. But, if you really want your kids/students to learn, you should do the assessment every day before some of them can’t correlate the further topics and they start to dislike you.

What I think is: teaching is all about passion. It’s not about lecturing. We spend a lot of our time preparing our lessons so that students can learn easily and if you don’t assess them daily and wait for unit tests or term tests, you will not be able to make up if you students are not able to understand even for 3-4 classes. As every other class is related to the previous classes.

To do this, I prepare a short questionnaire before every class and you can also do that. The questionnaire should cover almost every concept you are going to teach that day.

Prepare multiple choice questions as it will take less time for students to complete it and will take hardly 5 minutes for students to finish it (for Lower Secondary and Senior/Higher Secondary students).

Use the Zipgrade app, this app will make it easy for you to get the score of students instantly in seconds. You just need to scan the answer sheets and you will get the score of students. It will take hardly 5 minutes for 20-30 students. You can get more details from the link of blog post about Zipgrade below:


This is how you will know about your students’ learning at the end of each class. I hope, you like this post. See you in another blog post.


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