Why am I in Love with Pexels?

When you work on a Blog or an article or any presentation, you want to use images.

But you should be careful using images online.

Because images from online sources for your own use can lead you to some legal issues.

You might have to pay compensation for using the images without permission.

Even if you write the source name and you didn’t take permission from the owner of the images, you might get into legal issues and would have to pay compensation.

So why to invite lawsuits when you actually can use copyright-free images or royalty-free images.

Sometimes we are too busy in work that we don’t want to sign up or sign in and just want to download the image.

And, we also don’t want to see that we are only allowed to use 10 free images or so.

And there is no watermark on images, unlike the other royalty-free image website.

and Pexels help me overcoming all these problems.

You may not be able to get all kinds of images but can get most of it.

I have been using it for than a year.

You are free to give credits to the actual owner of the images but you will never get into any trouble for using their images and there is no limitation on downloading the images.

It’s useful for students as well as teachers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start using now without any worries.

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