CIP1 Acid and Alkali/Base Worksheet- 11/7/2023

  1. Name a food that contains an acid.
  2. Describe the taste of lemons and limes.
  3. How does an indicator show the difference between an acid and an alkali/ base?
  4. What colour is universal indicator when solution is neutral?
  5. What type of reaction happens when an acid and an alkali are mixed?
  6. Why is an alkaline substance dropped into lakes in some countries?
  7. What do farmers spread onto acidic soil? Explain why they do this.
  8. You had done an experiment of neutralization in the laboratory last week.
    (a) What was the colour of the solution in the starting?
    (b) What was the colour of the solution at the end?
    (c) Which one of these statements is correct?
    (i) The acid was stronger than the alkali
    (ii) The alkali was stronger than the acid
    (iii) The acid and alkali are equal in strength
    Explain your answer

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