Desmos, An interesting website to learn and teach graph


A question to those who are teaching.

Have you ever used any website in your school days to do assignments on graph?

I was not privileged to have that option and probably you teachers too.

Those who are students, what I will show you today will definitely change the way you learn graph. Trust me, It’s very interesting!

I will give you a demonstration on how you can use the website but for the teachers or to be teachers, I am going to explain, what you can do with this amazing website and how you can do it.

oh! Did I forget to tell you the web address? It’s the same as its name followed by .com i.e.

Now, let me tell you what you can do with this website.

As a teacher, you can prepare and cover the topics related to but not just limited to :

(a) Conics

(b) Exponential

(c) Expressions

(d) Functions

(e) Inequalities

(f) Linear

(g) Linear Systems

(h) Modeling

(i) Quadratic

(f) Transformations

To prepare lessons, activities or assignments, first you need to register on the website with one click login with your gmail account.

Just Click on Sign In or Create Account on

And after that you can select pre-added activities by Desmos or other teachers.

You can create a classroom and add students there with the help of sharing links to them. So that they can take part in the activities.

You can also create your own activities but if you are a newbie, you should first try the already existing activities. For more details you can watch this video:

If you own a website, you can also embed Desmos into your website. Just go to the link below and follow the steps to embed Desmos:-

you can also learn geometry tool, how to create your own activity by going to

learn desmos

Students can go directly to and can try any graph whether it’s related to linear equation, quadratic equation or calculus. There are numerous options to learn graph. Check this screenshot, what you can do with the help of Desmos. You can also save your graph if you are logged In to your account.

graph desmos

For more details, follow the video to create graphs:-


Thank you! Enjoy learning and teaching through Desmos!


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