Hear Out the Greatest Message from the 2017 Best Teacher Awardee – R. D. Eclarin

Hear out the greatest message from the 2017 Best Teacher Awardee- R. D. Eclarin

My Dear Students,

The heart can solve a Mathematics problem? Yes! “I always use not only my brain but I use my heart”

Believe it or not, as a traditional teacher, mentor, and lecturer, who always serves not just as a teacher but as a motivator and a facilitator in the classroom learning, I often receive good feedback and that my heart is overwhelming then and now.

Prior to 2017 and upon finishing my MA years, I can feel that there had been heartfelt changes in my teaching approaches and styles that do not only teach the brain but touch the heart.

One international, a smart student, from Myanmar, who was always challenged, one moment in time he said: “Teacher Ramsel, I just like the way you present the lesson, “you always present it using a whiteboard and board pen!” – That I can understand it better, than any other worksheets and PowerPoint!” – I just like that way!

One day, I wrote a one-word problem on the board as a follow-up to the 15-minute content and problem-solving tactics: Gave the whole class time to think.

Steve came up front, shouting of joy, “Look Teacher Ramsel!, I was able to solve the problem” ” You see, I used both my brain and my heart- you see? I can do it! If I use only my brain, I can’t do your math problems and I lost focus” my heart must help! so I can get the best result of my problem-solving!

Wherever you are Steve, my greatest student of that time, you made my career the best I can be! – Steve, I can’t forget your lines. I do hope you are at the best of your career too after years of your university pursuits.

Moving forward my message to current demonstration school students who are always amazed when they hear me out saying “You solve it, don’t use your brain alone, let your heart help”.

best teacher award

Amazing teaching career, indeed.

Ramsel D. Eclarin- Guillermo

OBEC Awardee Ministry of Education, Thailand

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