Quality Work helps You in Getting Word of Mouth Marketing

Yesterday, the new plumbers have finished the work on the new floor.

Now it was time to check about any leakage as we were afraid of the incompetency of these plumbers.

 We checked and confirmed that water can go up to the tank from the motor and water from the tank is able to reach the tap below.

There was leakage at few joints and a lot of tap points, shower points which they had not blocked with tape.

They were not good in the levelling of washroom sheet as well as in the fitting of the pipe.

A few days ago my brother found that the pipe connection they made for the outflow of washbasin water was just the opposite.

That means with that level of pipe, water will never go down and will remain in the pipe.

And, they wasted a lot of solvents to earn a commission from the wholesaler of the sanitary ware shop.

For all these, we were so upset with their competence and work that we don’t even think of referring them to others.

But on the ground floor, 5-6 years ago, all the plumping work was done by another plumber.

We never had any problems after the connection and he was knowing what he was doing.

He worked continuously and after finishing the work asked for payment, unlike the new plumbers who worked for few hours every 3-4 days and were not good at what they were doing.

That’s why we always prefer to suggest the plumber who worked 5-6 years before with us than the new plumber.

So, this gives you a lesson: when you do quality work, people will automatically do marketing for you through word of mouth.

And bad quality work will lead to a dissatisfied customer and will not market your services.

So, be good in your work.

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