Some important Chemical Compounds, their Chemical Formulas, and Uses

1. Calcium Carbonate 

Formula: CaCO3

Uses: Non-prescription drug for relief from acid indigestion and heartburn. It is also considered as a calcium supplement.

2. Sodium Chloride

Formula: NaCl

Uses: Used to season food (during food preparation and at the table), also used in the past as a method of food preservation.

3. Methane

Formula: CH4

Uses: natural gas, fuel (also called Marsh Gas)

4. Aspirin

Formula: C9H8O4

Uses: Pain Reliever

5. Baking soda

Formula: NaHCO3

Uses: cooking

6. Acetaminophen

Formula: C8H9NO2

Uses: Pain Reliever

7. Acetic Acid

Formula: C2H4O2

Uses: Active ingredient in vinegar

8. Propane

Formula: C3H8

Uses: fuel for cooking

9. Sodium Carbonate

Formula: Na2CO3

Uses: washing soda

10. Ascorbic acid

Formula: C6H8O6

Uses: Essential vitamin (vitamin C)

11. Ammonia

Formula: NH3

Uses: fertilizer, household cleaner when dissolved in water

12. Calcium Carbonate

Formula: CaCO3

Uses: antacid

13. Ethanol

Formula: C2H5OH

Uses: disinfectant, alcoholic beverages

14. Calcium Oxide

Formula: CaO

Uses: Less common in modern homes than in the past. Glows when heated, were used in theatres before the invention of electric lighting. Health risks on skin contact or inhalation.

15. Sucrose

Formula: C12H22O11

Uses: Used in cooking. Use as a sweetener.

16. Potassium Carbonate

Formula: K2CO3

Uses: Potash is the common name for various mined and manufactured salts that contain potassium in water-soluble form.

17. Plaster of Paris

Formula: CaSO4·1⁄2H2O

Uses: used for casts to hold broken limbs in place, modeling casts, sculptures, and in plasterboard walls and ceilings

18. Gypsum

Formula: CaSO4.2H2O

Uses: Use to manufacture drywall, plaster, and joint compound.

19. Sodium Bicarbonate

Formula: NaHCO3

Uses: Used in baking where it reacts with other ingredients, releasing carbon dioxide (CO2), helping dough rise.

20. Hydrogen Peroxide

Formula: H2O2

Uses: Used as a mouthwash (Personal Hygiene)


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