What are You going to Address in the Business Plan?

You might be thinking why I am not going straight to writing the Business Plan.

Whatever I write before going to the content of the Business Plan will give you an idea about what are you going to write in it.

When I was teaching Business Studies to Grade 9 students, I always found a need to teach them Basic Accounting which they were supposed to study in Grade 12.


I will teach you all here on our academy blog.

So what we need to address in our Business Plan?

The mission and vision of the organization which you already knew about it in the previous post.

Check the link below:

What are your products and Services and how are you going to make different products and services in future?

How is the performance of your competitors and trends of your market?

In what way you and your products and services are different?

How will you price your products and services and how are you going to get a customer?

What will be your organization structure?

How will you market your products and services?

How much capital will you need and how will you use it?

How will you get funds and how much from personal capital, venture capital and loans?

Detail of your expected Cash flow

Your plans for Manufacturing and Distribution

Risks in Building the organization and how will you tackle it?

Now, you got an idea about the Business Plan. Let’s know the parts of Business Plan.

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