Why Passion Alone will not Help you in Your Way to Success


Have you ever seen Musical Instrument Player in a Concert?

Did you see any of them with a sad face while playing an instrument or seems disinterested?

The answer is No!

If you really observed them with a sad face then there must be a reason for it and I am sure it’s not related to passion.

I have been observing them since my childhood days and I too smile while singing songs.

The reason is Passion.

It’s their passion only that never stops them from enjoying what they do.

When I started working after my Engineering I always choose the job in which I have passion.

During my Engineering Course, I was always interested in knowing how e-commerce companies work and that’s why I joined companies like Paytm and Tjori.

I love to solve problems of people and like to contact different people to learn some traits of them to know about them and I joined Airtel as Service Manager.

And, there was not a single day when I felt that I am bored with my work.

Similarly, when you work in a field you are passionate about, you don’t feel bored and you give more value to your job as well as to the organization.

But do you think only passion will help you to get the desired job or achieve the desired goal?


You need Skillset in your field to get what you like to do.

I have a passion for singing but I don’t have any skill set. I just sing for myself.

So, this passion is not going to help me professionally.

I have a passion for creating websites and I know how to make it and have experience making it.

This is going to help.

So you need Skillset to move ahead in the field you are passionate about.

Then comes the Market.

There should be a market for a field in which you have skill and passion.

Though you can create a market for it, you should keep it in mind whether that market is sustainable or not.

I will not write about the brand or people you already know.

I will not write about the brand or people who are famous worldwide.

I will write about those people who have created their own identities based on their passion and skill set.

Always keep in mind.

“You need not do what others are doing and compete in that, you should create our own unique identity”

The First person is “Deepak Kanakaraju”

He has launched an internship course with completely unique concept where you can earn your investment by completing assignments.

That is completely unique in the market.

It might happen in the future that his competitors will come up with the same thing or probably not.

But when I joined, there was no institution in Digital Marketing in India, offering such a thing in which you can earn while learning.

He used his passion for digital marketing with his experiences and skill set to create something unique in the market and getting millions on transactions every month for that unique course.

Check one of his posts he made in 2017 with likes in more than 2 lacs:


The Second is “Gopal Krishnan”.

It was 2016 (As far as I remember) when I joined his course on Story Triangle where he actually teaches how your prospective customers can buy your product even if you are not popular.

The concept he teaches is the core of advertising and marketing which nobody teaches you.

It has completely changed the way I was looking at the advertisement.

Now, whenever I watch an advertisement, I see what problem the product/service are trying to solve and not what are its features.

He also introduces a new way of selling products/services through Facebook and WhatsApp without any website and landing pages.

That was unique in 2016 and still unique.

See his Post:


This is how he used his passion to help people market their products with his skill set and created a completely unique image in the market.

He has earned millions by helping people selling their products/services and now courses through Facebook and WhatsApp.

The third is “Joyeeta O Ghosh”.

I have been observing her paintings even before she joined Instagram.

When you will see her paintings, you will find complete uniqueness in her paintings.


I have not seen any artist painting such artworks.

Let me give you an example.

When you see the paintings available in the market, all have an ideal couple in their paintings and you dream to be like them.

Nobody actually paints how we really look like.

And she has created a completely unique image in the market with realistic paintings and her paintings on Instagram get more than 10,000 visits within an hour of posting any paintings.

I have seen the increase in the orders of her paintings even 2-3 years before.

And the style of her painting is completely unique and that’s why her paintings are in huge demand.


So, she has used her passion for painting with her skills to create such a realistic painting that not other artists dares to touch.

So, what did you learn from this blog post?

First, that you should always work in the field you are passionate about.

You will only be able to work happily, then.

Second, you need to acquire the skills in that field so that you can create something new.

And, “Be the first in your field” as Jack Ma says.

Create something that nobody has created before.

And then only you will be able to create your unique brand presence.

And, the most important is to look for the market.

Whether the field in which you are passionate about has a market in which you can launch your sustainable venture or not.

Combine all these and nobody will stop you from getting success.

That’s for today.

Tomorrow, I will come with another story or message for you.

Take care!

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