Why You Should Stop your HR in doing That

Human Resource Manager

Hiring HR is also a part of a business. Normally a business owner gets busy in expanding the business, making strategies for it, and other related work for the growth of the business. If the business is not small, you need a Human Resource (HR) executive or manager to hire employees. There are other works as well of an HR like,

  • Taking care of salaries of employee
  • Working towards employee retention

And others are not the scope of this article. I will tell you all in the next post.

It’s not that you can hire a random MBA graduate as HR who has a background of Human resources as a major subject in MBA. You should also not select a candidate who can spoil the reputation of your company. Whether big or small, the reputation of a company is very important if you want to go in the long run.

Let me tell you a story.

I was working for Airtel, one of the biggest telecom companies in India. I was working as a Relationship Manager through a third party: Quick Financial Services. We were given on-job-training and were informed that we will be paid for our training days.

65 days passed and I received my salary for last month but the salary for the training days was not credited.

So, I asked HR about my concern and HR said, it will get credited next month.

The company used to give a salary for the previous month on the 25th day of the next month. The offer letter I received mentioned that I will get 15 days salary if I leave the company within six months.

I was working happily in the company. In India, unlike other countries, most of the employers don’t make a contract, so it’s easy for them to exploit employees. At the end of the third month, we received a message from our Manager that HR’s mother is in the hospital and in need of Blood. I expressed my interest in donating blood as my blood group is O positive. The next day, I went to the hospital and donated blood for her mother.

After a few days, I asked HR casually about the salary of the 10 days of training. It was the fourth month and she was ignoring my requests or probably the company QFS had asked her to do so. I thought HR can be so inconsiderate. I didn’t think of a second while donating blood for her mom.

I sent my resignation letter to HR’s email that night. She asked me to come to the office with my offer letter to complete the formalities so that I can get my remaining salary. I handed over my identity card, Offer letter, and SIM card to her. I was shocked to see her tearing the offer letter and putting that in the bin.

I asked her, “why did you do that?”

She said, “I will give you another offer letter.”

In fact, she did that to make some changes in the offer letter. In the previous offer letter, I was entitled to 15 days’ salary if I leave the company within six months.

Without looking at the new offer letter, I asked her about my salary.

She said, “you are not entitled to get any salary. To get your salary you have to work for another month.”

This is what I was not willing to do.

I could not do anything as I had no proof. She already tore the previous offer letter. I was shocked to see an HR giving offer letter to the leaving employee. But actually it was her tactic to make some changes in the letter so that she (or the company) won’t have to pay.

I was cheated by the HR of Quick Financial Services. I wanted to hire a lawyer. In India, people are always scared to hire a lawyer thinking about their charges for every hearing. Sometimes you may have to pay more than what you are fighting for. So, I left my 24000 rupees and I chose not to fight.

Changing the offer letter is not the good ethics of an HR or a company. When you run a business, your behavior with the employees can make or destroy your reputation in the market. Employees are the backbone of a business. Don’t do this or let your HR do this to your employee.

This is for today. In next article, I will come up with another true case study.

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