Check if You Need to do TEFL/TESOL Course


Why should you not do TEFL Course?

Even if you read this, I am not sure that you will not fell into the trap of getting enrolled into TEFL. Please keep in mind that I am writing this only for Non-native English Speakers. Native English speakers are those who are from the following countries:

United States of America



United Kingdom

The New Zealand

South Africa

Republic of Ireland

So, if you are not from the above countries, you are Non-native English Speaker. Now, TEFL/TESOL courses are meant for the teachers who want to teach English.

I am sharing my own true story to let you understand why you should pursue TEFL course or why you should not.

I was planning to teach abroad. I also saw TEFL courses popping up in Advertisements, emails and that let me research about TEFL and its usability for me.

I was planning to teach Mathematics (earlier English) abroad. It’s not that I didn’t want to teach English but after my research, I realized that I should try other subjects than English. Of course, there were reasons for that:

  • First: I can speak English that doesn’t mean I can teach English. I never have confidence in teaching English. This is applicable to you all. I have seen a lot of people want to go abroad to teach English. In fact, some of them barely speak English with the right grammar and correct pronunciation. Until and unless you can speak English with correct pronunciation and grammar, don’t even think of teaching English. You will only put the learners’ learning at risk. It’s not to discourage you rather a suggestion to try something you are good at.

  • Second: There is less competition in other subjects than English. So, there are more chances to get a job in other subjects than in English. Though it can depend on the country to country. One thing is clear wherever you go, your chances of getting an English teaching job as NNES will be less than NES. Then some country (actually the recruiters) is also racist towards the skin color. These recruiters sometimes try to show white men/women as Native English speakers.

Though you will get convinced by the TEFL/TESOL course provider that you should enroll in that and you can get an English teaching job easily. Most of them say 100% placement support not 100% placement. And, if they say 100% placement and you are good in English with the correct pronunciation. Then only you go for TEFL Course. Otherwise, you don’t need to do the TEFL/TESOL course as this is not equivalent to teaching diplomas or bachelor of education if you want to teach subjects other than English.

  • Third: Do you have more than 1000 USD money which you can easily spend on networking experience? If yes, then you can opt for taking an In-class training program. Otherwise, you can get a lot of free resources for TEFL/TESOL or you can join some low cost online TEFL/TESOL course within 150 USD if you just want to give it a try and not confident of teaching English.

I hope you like the article, In the next article, I will write about the courses you can choose or the volunteer program which can give you a free TEFL/TESOL course.

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