A Passionate Teacher from Dumka, Teaching in COVID Times

I was trying to write about this inspirational story for a long time but due to my poor health, I was not able to sit for a long time and focus myself.

When I started my teaching career, then I met a lot of teachers, almost 90% of them were passionate about teaching.

They want to see their students learn and grow.

When I studied in a high school, I found only 3 out of 10 teachers who were passionate about teaching.

Who wanted to see their students growing and learning.

Rest others only used to come and lecture because they were being paid for that and the principal asked them to go to classes.

Otherwise, they preferred to sit in the teachers’ room and gossip the whole day.

This is also the story of a passionate teacher.

We all know, during this pandemic, how difficult it is to teach students in real classroom settings in India where the cases of infection are the second-highest in the world.

And everyday we see more than 60,000 new COVID cases.

So, in most of the states, the government instructed teachers to take online classes for students.

India is still a developing country and in villages, most of the families don’t have smartphones.

You may get shocked by reading this but this is a very harsh reality.

When I was travelling in 3rd class coach while going from Patna to Varanasi, I saw 90% of labourers in my compartment had smartphones in their hands.

But still, in most of the parts of India, the family can’t afford to buy a smartphone.

But they want their kids to go to school to have a good education which they didn’t get in their life.

Story of Dumarthar

In Dumarthar Village of Dumka District of Jharkhand, teachers converted the walls of the homes of students into blackboards.

And students were maintaining distance and wearing masks while studying and the teacher use to teach with the help of a microphone and a hand-held speaker.

See a few images below:

I was so proud of them to see the social distancing and use of masks which most of the literate Indians don’t care about.

A lot of other teachers are also inspired to adopt the same thing in their villages to teach students.

I am proud of this passionate teacher and the students.

May god keep them in good health.

In the next post, I will come up another story related to business.

Till then, Take care!

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