Modular and ‘Videolar’ (MV) Lessons in Mathematics are Academically Exciting Project, Yet may need Energized Teacher Creator

 There had been much research conducted regarding the effectiveness of teaching students through modules, more so, when lessons are aligned with video lessons.

Creating modules in Mathematics can require an enormous effort, time, dedication and energy to put up an organized file of contents with sequential order.

Modular teaching is more effective in the teaching-learning process as compared to ordinary teaching methods because in this modular approach the students learn at their own pace, (Sadiq and Zamir, 2014).

I am passionate that based on these researchers’ findings, the learning can be more exciting and fun when the classroom teacher can support the key concepts of the modules by creating video lessons that present:

  • concrete discussion
  • explain working examples
  • problem-solving solutions
  • and based on the given content in the module can pose a great deal of organized and well-explained objectives.

It can be time-consuming and needs so much dedication and energy day by day to make all those videos.     

 But it’s so exciting to prepare and create at least 365 Math Videos with the modules aligned. 

It’s been my dream to see my content spread all over and accessible by my students.

A complete series of Mathematics modular and ‘videolar’ contents which are supposed to highly coincide with the curriculum.

A curriculum which is prescribed for learning within two specified semesters in an academic year. 

Though it should be just as easy as ABC to follow the textbook provided by the school, not all the contents are needed, and not all the prescribed learning units are in order.

And that students are needed to get a sequence of learning units and organized topics intended for summative, formative and national assessments purpose.

 Hence the mission of this goal to create a personalized learning unit contents and video lessons aligned.

With these project in mind and at hand, to defend the effectiveness of this research in my PhD studies requires so much energy, dream, love and dedication to make this career a good journey and a life long learning. 

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