Almost Everyone should know How to Write a Job Posting

I gave an assignment to my students to write a Job Posting for a post of Principal in their school.

Some of them wrote a very nice job posting thinking about what they would like to see in a principal but some of them just copied data from the internet and paraphrased them.

This is not what I was expecting from them.

But, those were kids only.

I also did the same when I wanted to hire someone for Sales in 2016.

And, I copied content from a job posting on Indeed.

You might be thinking why you need to know this.

Now a lot of us have more than one income source and sometimes we need to hire an employee to get some help in our side income sources.

And, if you find anyone known to you suitable for the job, you need to hire through a job posting.

For that, you need to create a job posting so that you can put that on Job posting websites like Monster, Indeed, etc.

Here is the Job Posting I made:

Job Title

When I look at the job posting, I myself am not able to understand the job from the Job Title.

So, the First thing you need to do is to make a clear and easily understandable Job Title.

Job Description

Then comes the job description.

Also, write the job responsibilities that you will expect your employee to do.

Don’t go with the titles and job descriptions all over the internet.

Think, what are the requirements you want to cover with this post and then write the job description.

If your job doesn’t have a requirement for someone who can speak English or some other languages, try to write a job posting in a language that your job seekers understand.

So the second thing is to write a detailed job description to let the job seekers understand whether they will be able to do it or not.

It can have the information about the job requirements and job responsibilities.

Don’t hide anything in job posting in terms of job responsibilities.

When I was first hired overseas, I just walked in and I was not being told about the job responsibilities or being handed over electronically or on paper.

So, whenever I fail to do the responsibilities that other teachers were doing well and being called upon by the director, I was always shocked and without a clue of what wrong I have done.

So, be honest in writing job responsibilities and don’t hide anything, else it will create a conflict between you and your employee.

Educational Qualification and Experiences

Then comes the Educational Qualification and Experiences. you can write these two separately or together.

But if you write it separately it will look more elaborative.

Write all the experiences you are looking for in your prospective employee.

Once you hired a person and then you are asking the employee to work something in which he is not experienced.

And, if he takes time in learning that, your anger over this thing is completely baseless.

It’s better to write experiences and educational requirements properly thought through.

Compensation and Benefits

A very few people will be interested in your job posting if you will not include anything about Salary and Perks.

Some people get attracted towards salary and some prefer better facilities, perks, and benefits.

So, don’t forget to mention about these things in your job posting.


You should not miss to put deadline in your job posting.

Deadline is the date by which the candidates need to apply for the job.

Job Location & Contact Details

It’s always better and essential to include Job Location in your job posting.

I have seen a lot of people who do job posting, sometimes they miss to put “Call to Action” in their job posting.

Call to Action is something that a prospective employee is expected to do after they made up their mind to apply for the job.

If you miss putting Call to Action or your contact details, they will end up searching your presence all over the internet and apply through a medium or channel where they are not supposed to apply.

So, it’s better to put either email id, contact number, or a URL through which they can apply.

I have tried to write the minimum essential things you need to include in your job posting. You may add some more if you want to.

This is for today. See you with some other interesting blog post tomorrow.

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