Appreciation can Create wonders in Students’ Performance and Behaviour

Appreciation is the word which is like a boost, a Revital, a motivating factor that encourages a person to do better. A person feels encouraged when he/she gets appreciation.

Let me tell you two stories:

Story 1

I was studying in High School and I found that school is going to organize various competitions in the upcoming week. I was super excited and decided to participate in every competition. I participated in an essay competition and singing competition.

Now it was time to participate in sports competitions. I participated in a 400m race, unfortunately, I failed. I participated in Shot Put but I also failed there. Because participating in sports always need preparation. But I was always excited about participated in sports and music. Now, I was in the queue, for Long Jump and High Jump.

I was used to with Long Jump and High Jump as we used to practice in the evening after school where sisters used to set height with putting their feet one above other and then fists over fists. I know it’s difficult to visualize if you are not from India or probably if you have not done that in your childhood days or in adolescent age (Because here I am talking about my High School). I was in grade 8 or grade 9, I don’t remember exactly.

So, I was in a queue for Long Jump and High Jump. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was the hand of Pitamber Jha sir. He said, “why are you participating in these competitions which will break your hands and legs? Go and participate in literary activities.”

This statement killed my enthusiasm and excitement for participating in sports competitions. Since then, I don’t remember if I have participated in any sports competition until now. That one negative discouraging statement made me hesitant to participate in sports.

Here is the second story which is just opposite:

I was teaching in an international school. After the flag line, Mr. Pierce, the principal of the school came with an announcement. Our School Kids participated in several competitions the previous week. I was amazed and delighted to see such appreciation from a principal to those students who participated, and that in front of all students.

What he used to say during those occasions won my heart:

“Stacy has got the first position in the entire universe or entire planet” and so on…….

This kind of appreciation multiplies the enthusiasm of the students by manifolds. It always makes the students feel proud when they are being appreciated in front of a large audience, in front of their classmates, in front of their teachers, and in front of their seniors, by the principal. It brings their enthusiasm to another level where they want to do more, and where they want to do better.

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