Basic Geometric 3D Shapes by Teacher Ramsel Eclarin

Unit 2: Basic Geometric  Shapes 3D

Lesson 2: Basic Geometric 3D Shapes

Properties of 3D Shapes

3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices.

Faces – a face, or sometimes referred to as a side, is a flat or curved surface. For example, a cuboid has six faces, a squared-based pyramid has five and a sphere has one.

Edges – An edge is where two faces meet. For example, a cuboid has 12 edges, a square-based pyramid has eight edges and a sphere has none.

Vertices – Vertices are the corners where edges meet. A cuboid has four vertices, a square-based pyramid has five vertices and a sphere has none.

Types of 3D shapes that children will learn and recognise are:





Square-Based Pyramid

Triangular Prism

Pentagonal Pyramid

Hexagonal Prism

2D and 3D Unit Summary

Self Study Links:

  1. Study through the PPT entitled “3D Shapes Mental Math” provided
  2. 3d_shapes Mental Math
  3. Check your Neolms for Unit Test uploaded (Quizzes covered 2D and 3D Geometric Shapes)

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