Power Solutions for Math Intensive Classes by Teacher Ramsel Eclarin


Power Solutions for Math Intensive Classes

Solving all those math problems indicated by textbooks for  Lower Secondary Classes can mean a lot of tactics and strategies to bring them to solve with the teacher and the whole class together. For many years of teaching Mathematics, I found out that making fun with class sometimes will not only make the students study without stress and pressure but can mean a lot of likelihood in studying this difficult subject. Moreover, the regular while board that I normally used for writing with board marker had made them tired for many years. And so, to avoid rolling up and down the two board panels, a gadget has been put into place to stick in all those formulas, numbers, patterns and solutions in my Mathematics Class.

Up to these days, gadgets in classroom discussions mean so many benefits.  The Deco Pro Writing Pad brings the lecture with text and number presentation on large and exciting scales. An easy set of a laptop with a variety of drawing software, writing pad with cable or wireless, XP pen, and everything you need to show upfront comes easy and digitally.

The following Math class lecture for Grade 8 was delivered using the writing pad with a Paint Software for scribbling numbers for power class presentation and intensive discussion. It is not only projected half of the white screen as it is normally in teacher lecture on a whiteboard, but the whole board is used for higher,  bigger and clearer presentations.

Problem Solved from Focus Smart Textbook Mathayom 2  (Page 75, No. 7)

Image 1

Image 2

In conclusion, students vouched for the use of the projected writing board up closer to the whole class. Since it was only a few times we use this gadget, the students were begging me to use it for the rest of our course. All those tough questions can be easily prevented with a power solution technique in the delivery of  Maths Intensive Classes. Using gadgets for educational purposes in this technology fast-growing age is one of the most powerful tools in the learning and teaching process.

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