Chapters of Organic Chemistry (IGCSE)

Chapter 14: Introduction to organic chemistry

(a) Representing organic molecules

(b) Functional groups

(c) Naming organic compounds

(d) Bonding in organic molecules

(f) Structural isomerism

(g) Stereo Isomerism

(I) Organic reactions – mechanisms

Types of organic reaction

Chapter 15: Hydrocarbons

(a) The homologous group of alkanes

(b) Sources of the alkanes

(c) Reactions of the alkanes

(d) The alkenes

(e) Addition reactions of the alkenes

(f) Oxidation of the alkenes

(g) Addition polymerisation

(h) Tackling questions on addition polymers

Chapter 16: Halogenoalkanes

(a) Nucleophilic substitution reactions

(b) Mechanism of nucleophilic substitution in halogenoalkanes

(c) Elimination reactions

(d) Uses of halogenoalkanes

Chapter 17: Alcohols, esters, and carboxylic acids

(a) The homologous series of alcohols

(b) Reactions of the alcohols

(c) Carboxylic acids

Chapter 18: Carbonyl compounds

(a) The homologous series of aldehydes and ketones

(b) Preparation of aldehydes and ketones

(c) Reduction of aldehydes and ketones

(d) Nucleophilic addition with HCN

(e) Testing for aldehydes and ketones

(f) Reactions to form tri-iodomethane

(g) Infra-red spectroscopy

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