The Ultimate Solution to “In-Demand Examinations”: Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring

As the world’s population needing these very essential oil and gas products, a prominent and huge company named IADC reaffirms its dedication to promoting innovative technology and safe drilling practices that bring oil and gas into worldwide consumption. Speaking of bringing the world into the making, the  IADC has championed the drilling industry through training programs, guidelines, publications, committees, conferences, and advocacy for the global drilling industry, ( Jason McFarland, IADC President).  

Having said this, engineering and managerial professionals are continually needing upgraded skills as experts in these fields.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, it was almost impossible to get them assessed face to face in an examination room in Bangkok, without the intelligent idea of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation that forecasted a big surge in demand for remote proctoring products.

Given this scenario, the current global health crisis has forced companies and educational institutions to consider online assessments and remote proctoring. The writer of this article had witnessed and came into the picture of virtual proctoring with, skills training providers, educators as experts themselves, company needing experts, the examinees who were given training for a period of time, and then be assessed for the purpose of career promotion, skills certificates renewal. Almost all those who took the exams are highly technical skilled managers and professionals working for the higher ladder of their careers.

The Remote Proctoring has and guidelines and step by step  to carry out  a 3-hour Online Examination with Roaster of Examinees:

  1. The IADC sends the zoom link to join in the online examination room with proctor’s ID and exam log-in password, a day before the virtual exam date.
  2. While in the zoom meeting, at exactly 8:00 AM, the proctor has to read the examination guidelines set by skills certificate provider, IADC.
  • The proctor has to instruct all examinees to show identify cards, driver’s license, and/or passports on camera for proper identification of the examinees taking the online examination. rotate their cams 3600, show off their working desks. No other sheets except kills sheets and formulas.   
  • The instructors assigned invite the proctor in the “breakroom” and the proctor has to key in examination paper log in and password. Only the proctor has this. Otherwise, the examination has to be rescheduled. But, thanks for the emergency codes sent only to the proctor to finally open the online examination properly.  Then back to the main room.  
  • The proctor and instructors are remained online and monitor every examinees’ movement. Inform proctor and instructor when examinees are going out for the toilet. Cam remains open.
  • An examinee who may have questions is brought to breakroom with the presence of the proctor.
  • Examinees can wait for test results after online submission. They can leave the meeting/zoom room once done ahead of the others.
  • Proctor is required to send a report to the Inspection Group that organizes the online examination for proper evaluation of the results and feedback of the online exam.  

          Now I ever imagined how beautiful it is to consider online examination with an online/remote proctoring an online examination of experts and professionals around the world. It is believed that the integrity of the exam remains genuine as it is in an offline exam, as online proctor is there guiding, helping in the assessment online. The training providers and instructors work hand in hand virtually without delays. It is true that by doing this highly technology equipped examination, there are not any more delays of tasks done, saving time and travel is very good to avail and the delivery of the assessment tool is very economical and safe.

Finally, this can beat time as COVID 19 stopped the world from moving for a while. Thanks to the experience given to me by my very good friend who recommended me to do proctoring in Bangkok, which turned out an online/remote proctoring career. Be a Math teacher, and a remote proctor at this PANDEMIC time. Keep safe and educationally active, everyone!    

One area that is gaining significance is the virtual proctoring space. If it weren’t for e-learning then online video proctoring wouldn’t have become mainstream, but given what’s at stake for online course programs the demand for such a service has grown at a fast pace.

Have you considered opting for the online proctored tests instead of classroom exams or non-proctored online tests? This blog covers everything you need to know about using online proctoring for the exam. It discusses the following:

1. What is Remote Proctoring?

2. Challenges with/without proctored tests

3. What is online exam proctoring and its different types?

4. Who can use online proctor?

5. How to select a remote proctoring tool?


For those of you who are new to this field, “Proctoring or Proctored Test is defined as a mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the test taker and prevent him/her from cheating via a proctor is present during the duration of the test.”

A proctor is a person who is trained and qualified to undertake student authentication and prevent them from doing any form of cheating.

What is Remote Proctoring?

Remote proctoring enables students to write a test online in a remote location while maintaining the integrity of the test. Students must confirm their identity and they may be monitored through video. This video is then used to flag any irregular student behavior.

Online Testing has been around for the last 20 years in different formats. The most common type of online test is an objective test that tests a candidate on their subject knowledge or is used to understand his or her learning ability or behavioral profile.

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