How we can Learn Time Management from a Building Contractor

We can learn a lot of things from our surroundings.

It’s on us how we observe things and what we want to learn.

Let me tell you what I learned from the construction work at our own place.

My father started construction on the first floor of our house.

I have seen a lot of masons working in our house but this mason was unique.

What I learned from him, I want to share with you.

I like the strategy he was using every time he came to work.

He and his workers com between 9: 30 am and 10: 00 am

They used to have one-hour lunchtime and they go home between 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

Now you will ask, what is worth learning in this?

I always noticed that every day he used to come with a complete plan of work to do.

He was always keeping his labors engaged in work.

In that way, his labours were working for no more than 8 hours and working dedicatedly for 8 hours.

He was also giving them their salary every 15 days that shows his strategy to retain employees.

As he was giving salary regularly unlike other contractors, workers are not leaving him.

But you were still wondering, where is the time management skill?

I observed that he had a perfect calculation of the number of workers needed for a particular work.

He assigns them the job in such a way that nobody sits idle and he is able to finish his planned work the same day.

In that way, he was able to manage the extra labour cost which the other contractors have when they are not able to have a perfect match of labour and time.

With his this time management skill, he was able to get more than 5 projects to work on.

And, he is able to finish those projects on time and with less labour cost, thus making a huge profit.

From a Mason in 2005, when he creating our home on the ground floor, now he became a contractor.

This was a real life story about time management skill.

In the next post, I will come up with another true story with a different lesson to learn.

Till then, Take care!

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