Let’s Understand the “Sense of Freedom” for Entrepreneurs

sense of freedom

Understand what “sense of freedom” means for an entrepreneur with a true incident.

We hired two carpenters for making the doors and windows for our 7 rooms on the first floor.

My father wanted them to do that at our home so that they can take the measurement on the spot and need not worry about any misfitting.

We also wanted to see by ourselves how the doors and windows will look like as we already purchased wood for doors and windows.

So the deal was finalized between us for 50,000 INR.

Next day, they came with all their tools and we guided them the place where they can work.

They started their work and it’s been 5 days, we didn’t go to see what they are doing and how they are doing it.

We only ask about the suggestion for different designs.

But we never go to check how much they worked that day.

And, we never ask, why you completed one door in 3 -days and so on.

So, they have complete freedom of how they want to work.

And that’s why they come around 9:00 am everyday, bring water upstairs and go home around 5:00 pm.

They never get disturbed by any of our family members.

The only help they got from us is: the electricity for the machines.

And, we went once or twice to ask if they have any issue in working.

Freedom never means freedom of when to work or when not!

It always comes with responsibility.

Freedom gives you space for doing your work in your own way.

And this way, more value and creativity comes than being questioned every one hour.

If you know the ability of your employee, let them understand their responsibility and do their work without supervising them every couple of hours.

I hope you understood what actually the sense of freedom for entrepreneurs is and how it can help you as an owner of a house or a company.

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