Material Changes (Acids, Alkalis, and Neutralisation) IPC1 -Cambridge Checkpoint Science 7 Chapter Questions

1. Name a food that contains an acid.
2. Describe the taste of lemons and limes.
3. What does ‘corrosive’ mean?
4. What should you do if you spill acid?
5. How does an indicator show the difference between an acid and an alkali?
6. What colour does red cabbage juice go when it is added to lemon juice?
7. What does litmus do when it is put into sodium hydroxide?
8. What colour does litmus change to in an acid?
9. Is water an acid, alkali, or neutral? Give the reason for your answer
10. What does the pH scale measure?
11. What is the pH of a neutral solution?
12. A liquid has a pH of 1. What type of liquid is it?
13. What range of pH do strong alkalis have?
14. What colour does Universal Indicator go in a liquid with a pH of 9?
15. Which colours does Universal Indicator go in acids?
16. What colour is Universal Indicator when the solution is neutral?
17. What sort of reaction happens when an acid and an alkali are mixed?
18. Why is an alkaline substance dropped into lakes in some countries?
19. What do farmers spread onto acidic soil? Explain why they do this.

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