These Tools You Should Have For Your Geometry Class:

Teaching geometry and trigonometry were not easy for me without the mathematical tools.

The students from grade 8 we’re not able to understand how to make different geometrical shapes with the mathematical tools. 

So teachers should have the tools that the students are using in order to show how the drawings can be done.

I wanted to buy a compass, protractor, and set squares.

I checked the price on Amazon India and I found it around 800 rupees and the cost of those sets in Thailand was around 378 Baht. 

So, I decided to buy it in Thailand but when I converted it into Indian rupees it was more than the cost in India on Amazon India.

They (Seller on Amazon India) also provide a ruler along with all those things including Compass, Protractor, and Set Squares. 

So, I think if you are teaching in India, you should buy these sets for your geometry class from Amazon India.

Not only do they provide Compass, Protractor, and Set Squares but also provide a ruler which is the benefit of buying from  Amazon India.

That’s also at a lower price than what I bought from Lazada. 

Buying these things will help you in making your class more interesting.

You can also draw very lovely images and geometrical structures. 

You can buy from the link below:

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