My Experience of Using Technology in the Classroom

I have been using technology in my teaching for many years now. I began by using laptops, projectors, cpu’s and tablets in my classroom to facilitate learning. This allowed my students to access online resources such as videos, audio, and other electronic media. I also found that the use of technology in the classroom allowed me to provide a more interactive learning experience by engaging my students in virtual discussions and hands-on activities. Technology was  also allowed them to submit  completed tasks on paperless methods. This was a very insensitive day to day academic life especially in the peak time of Covid-19.  

Using technology in the classroom also gave me the opportunity to introduce my students to the world of many learning opportunities. This allowed them to gain a better understanding of the technology behind their regular activities, quizzes and assessments. My students were able to apply what they have learned especially  in their Math problem solving and at the same learning this subject as second language learners.

Finally, incorporating technology into my teaching allowed me to stay connected to my students. I was able to use platforms such as Skype, Microsoft teams, Google Hangouts, and Zoom to communicate with my students outside of the classroom and keep them up-to-date on their assignments and projects. I also used technology to communicate with colleagues and parents, providing them with regular updates on their children’s progress.

Overall, I believe that using technology in the classroom has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It has allowed me to provide all my students with a more engaging and interactive learning jorney.

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