You’ve got to love this Math Jingle for a Lesson on Ratio

Learning to learn that brings the students at hooked and engaged in studying all the fundamentals of the Mathematics content is one of the most rewarding and satisfying times of the life of a Mathematics Teacher.

When I’ve got the full passion with  enthusiasm and energy to introduce them the tune used in a  Snow White Sound Track, found the source  on youtube: Ratio Song:  

A Ratio Song

Ratio, ratio, relationship I know

               Like 6:1 or 5:2

               Ratio is fun and number one

               Ratio, relationship I know

               Like cats to dogs, and horse to cows

               Ratio is fun and number one!

               (You can always make a variety of wordings on this one. For educators: search on youtube for many other styles and wordings)

Winning their attention by introducing this Ratio Song as Math Jingle has always a positive effect on their mode and learning on set.  

Sing with them again and again as songs, jingles, and rhymes are always fun and entertaining. More so when jingles are used in Math classes.

You’ve got to love the tune, adapt them which are very much popular alike, and got to change the wordings into Math vocabularies and concepts.

As auditory learners can ultimately benefit from humming or singing math songs and joyfully rhyming jingles are always bringing so much fun and alive and enthusiastic mode of learning Mathematics, while others like visual learners usually learn from teaching and learning aids such as worksheets, textbooks, workbooks, kinesthetic students learn from manipulative, thus the tunes and sounds are always giving so much motivation on them.

               Overall, most of my students making so much fun singing on this song when class time is about to start.

Everyone is always on the beat and sing with gladness that always leads them to settle down crazily looking out to find their missing lesson and math lab notebooks.

Singing while on their way to their seats is bringing me so much joy to see them means they are getting ready to begin the lesson properly.

Even on their grade 9 level, the still love to recall this song as it was their one-year national anthem for grade 8 level.

Try Math jingles in classes, you’ve got to love and hear them sing the tune that they’ve learned, it’s so much educational entertainment and so much fun.

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