“Kahoot’ing” 100% Math Context Online Engaging! “Mathematics Life is Always beautiful at this way


This teacher never be exhausted. Always on the go. Always keeps smiling. If you ever give her Math classes for four periods in a row, she won’t give you any complain! Why? She loves teaching, loves mentoring, loves inspiring, loves sharing, loves kahooting! All she does are related to students’ fun acquisition of Math skills for life!

Let’s start with this….

Give that wow motivation part to students on the first five  minutes of class. Give it a shot for the next twenty minutes lesson actively engaging presentation, production and practice with tangible and effective lesson objectives. Incorporate related math jingles in between for fun learning. Don’t forget those merits for every classwork done. All are done with merits points system This  is guaranteed. Wrap them up with a educational fun game promised at the very beginning, sure all of them are on their seats waiting for Kahoot game!

Now, celebrate that 30 – minute lesson in class with Kahoot which is a game –based learning platform, this is best achieved and practiced when the teacher pre-created  those questions before the class related to the topic at hand. This is free educational online quiz game of awesome and classroom superheroes. Actively play, interact, learn and have fun together with classic or team mode playing. https://kahoot.com/what-is-kahoot/


Ready set go. Make and have fun with the learning process. Create objective questions directly related to all contents learned previously. This will enable to wrap up context learned. When they get correct answers by clicking in appropriate color coded choices, they will automatically get the points every end of the question. Fastest fingers clicking correct answers get top scores. Don’t worry for those who may not be able to answer correctly, that is a very effective process of reviewing their context learned. The more the questions fun, the more the game is entertaining and very much engaging by all superheroes in the game. They more scores they got, they more screams you hear. It is very enjoyable yet very educational. Exactly, the objectives the teacher expects from the lesson proper, will be achieved in the evaluation of the questions answered after the game session. The teacher must prepare at least 2 sets of quiz game, as the students will scream for more questions.


To sum it up, Kahoot is a the ultimate gaming quiz that allows a quick response in no time. It is has a multifarious benefits in the classroom. It is very friendly user and questions are open ended. Teachers like me find it very effective and 100% appropriate especially for Mathematics objective questions.   Try some of my created questions uploaded at https://create.kahoot.it/details/d9161188-ec4c-46b5-8379-b2b17e43e3c2.

Make learning fun, inclusive and engaging in all Math contexts. Tried and tested for few years in Mathematics classes it  and very efficient way of making them focused and accomplished objectives.

More teaching tips to come for Mathematics Quiz Shows from T. Ramz and T. Kumar. Send message for more teaching and learning ideas at  https://academy.mithilanchalgroup.com/contact-us


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